17-05-13 Scotland v Pakistan

IMGP3829 IMGP3831 IMGP3834 IMGP3842 IMGP3844
IMGP3868 IMGP3870 IMGP3877 IMGP3881 IMGP3886
IMGP3888 IMGP3893 IMGP3898 new captain gives his all with a fast pick up and throw 2-IMGP3730
3-IMGP3764 4-IMGP1650 5-IMGP1709 6-IMGP1728 8-IMGP1759
9-IMGP1792 Amjal is bowled by wardlaw Carter appeals for a succsesfull Lbw decision-IMGP3727 good bowling from Taylor Haq taking three wickets and becoming the highest wicket taker in Scottish ODIs
IMGP1664 IMGP1680 IMGP1683 IMGP1695 IMGP1709
IMGP1715 IMGP1718 IMGP1735 IMGP1752 IMGP1757
IMGP1758 IMGP1759 IMGP1773 IMGP1780 IMGP1805
IMGP1806 IMGP1808 IMGP1825 IMGP1831 IMGP1854
IMGP1860 IMGP1861 IMGP1892 IMGP1899 IMGP1914
IMGP1948 IMGP1963 IMGP2006 IMGP2010 IMGP2021
IMGP2031 IMGP2043 IMGP2053 IMGP2054 IMGP2057
IMGP2063 IMGP2075 IMGP2076 IMGP2084 IMGP2101
IMGP2112 IMGP2115 IMGP2122 IMGP2124 IMGP2133
IMGP2152 IMGP2170 IMGP2172 IMGP2187 IMGP2213
IMGP2222 IMGP2228 IMGP2229 IMGP2233 IMGP2234
IMGP2238 IMGP2243 IMGP2290 IMGP2291 IMGP2303
IMGP2308 IMGP2338 IMGP2343 IMGP2353 IMGP2360
IMGP2369 IMGP2376 IMGP2380 IMGP2389 IMGP2403
IMGP2404 IMGP2409 IMGP2432 IMGP2438 IMGP2487
IMGP2509 IMGP2517 IMGP2518 IMGP2524 IMGP2553
IMGP2556 IMGP2574 IMGP2579 IMGP2590 IMGP2595
IMGP2614 IMGP2617 IMGP2622 IMGP2632 IMGP2644
IMGP2645 IMGP2655 IMGP2661 IMGP2665 IMGP2669
IMGP2672 IMGP2675 IMGP2683 IMGP2694 IMGP2723
IMGP2730 IMGP2737 IMGP2771 IMGP2772 IMGP2773
IMGP2778 IMGP2780 IMGP2792 IMGP2800 IMGP2807
IMGP2812 IMGP2818 IMGP2837 IMGP2878 IMGP2898
IMGP2925 IMGP2939 IMGP3018 IMGP3052 IMGP3064
IMGP3101 IMGP3110 IMGP3187 IMGP3188 IMGP3194
IMGP3200 IMGP3226 IMGP3277 IMGP3279 IMGP3326
IMGP3359 IMGP3405 IMGP3589 IMGP3591 IMGP3595
IMGP3618 IMGP3631 IMGP3639 IMGP3649 IMGP3657
IMGP3662 IMGP3667 IMGP3668 IMGP3672 IMGP3677
IMGP3678 IMGP3682 IMGP3683 IMGP3689 IMGP3691
IMGP3701 IMGP3707 IMGP3713 IMGP3717 IMGP3727
IMGP3730 IMGP3731 IMGP3745 IMGP3746 IMGP3751
IMGP3764 IMGP3776 IMGP3777 IMGP3778 IMGP3785
IMGP3788 IMGP3790 IMGP3792 IMGP3795 IMGP3803
IMGP3821 IMGP3824 IMGP3825 IMGP3827